Reconnecting with a culture you have left

I came back to Madrid after about 8 years. I had spent the best year of my life there studying for a master and making great friends from Latin America which I am visiting on this journey !

I have to say after one day in Madrid I found my inner madrilene again and walked around Madrid on auto pilot remembering the good days and nights that I have had in this amazing city !!

Nothing has really changed except for some places I used to go that closed, but just a minority of them !!

When we have been an expat in a country we always take a part of that country s culture with us ! And I realized it even more this time ! It just took me half a day to become madrilene again !!

Please share if you have had similar experiences !!!






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6 thoughts on “Reconnecting with a culture you have left

  1. AMAGI Consulting

    I love Madrid, and I just came back from my another visit in this city. Here’s a song for you Nadege 🙂

  2. Stunning images! Keep up the good work!

  3. Steph

    Hi Nadege, love the redesign! Stunning photos.

    Loved your article. When I moved back to South Africa after 10 years of living abroad, I experienced profound culture shock. I’ve been living outside of South Africa again for almost two years now, and can’t say that I’ve missed it. I’m going to go “home” for the first time in two years for a holiday in November, and am curious as to whether I will have your experience of fitting in again as soon as I will arrive, or whether I will again struggle to relate to other South Africans.

    • Dear Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging me !

      The best thing to do when we go back to a place we once used to live is to immerse one s self and not be biased by our current perceptions ! People feel it when you communicate with them and this is what may push them to see you as an outsider ! However if you go there and do as “the Romans do” you will do fine and people won t judge you as you will be in the same frame of mind as they are if that makes senses !!

      Thank you again for sharing Stephanie !!

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