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2016 – A short review

The year of 2016 has been a year full of surprises ! Good one but also bad ones!

I would like to have a thought for those we have lost this year, they have brought us joy and happiness, have been great examples for me and will be dearly missed. That was one of the worst part of my year 2016, but as we say, life goes one, and we need to deal with grief and move on.

2016 was also very surprising, Britain has voted to leave th EU and follow through with Brexit, Donal Trump was elected the president of the United States of America, and the conflict in Syria doesn´t seem to come to an end and many civilians, especially children are dying. All of us have been shocked, there is no doubt about it, and have dealt with these events in their own way. Racism has risen quite strongly as well unfortunately, for those of us living in the UK but also throughout the world, it felt like a betrayal, but at the end of the day, we are living in the UK and even if we believe it is not the right thing to do, to leave the EU, we accept the decision of our hosts and will make sure that we continue to contribute to the UK economy.


 One thing which is clear is that all of this is pointing to a much bigger problem, acceptance of one another, respect of one another and problems on a much larger scale.

I don´t know if some of you have felt the same, but work has been more scarce this year, already it started declining when the announcement of the referendum here in the UK was made, but it seems that globally, we are going through a tough phase. There are always tough phases, and that is what enables us to think outside of the box, look at things from a different perspective, reflect ! I took the opportunity to do a course in nutrition for example to help coach people to live a healthier life, this kind of follows what I do as a whole, helping people adapt, live a purposeful life and a happy life wherever they are in the world.

I am positive that 2017 will bring new ventures, projects and will be richer in projects than 2016 was, hopefully cultural consciousness will become a topic of interest to all, and most importantly in politics, at work and in daily life. And hopefully we won´t lose loved ones too, we know it is part of life but that is a very tough one.

So to resume, a not so great year, finishing on a positive though, and looking ahead to a new year where people will take interest in one another, resolve conflicts and hopefully more cultural consciousness and acceptance in the world. 2017 will be about building bridges !

Thank you and wishing you all a lovely holiday,

Please share you reflections with us.


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Case Study: doing business as a woman in the Middle East

Whilst I was working in Germany, I was sent on an important project to Yemen. It was my first time on business in the Middle East and my task was to represent the Structured Finance division at our client´s office.

My sales team was composed of Lebanese men and the banks we were working with had a British and Omani representative. All of them were men, including my Australian lawyer.

The first little faux pas I made, having been used to my Middle Eastern colleagues shaking hands with me was to go forward to shake hands with our client. No need to say that the reaction of the client was to back away from me; he slightly bowed and put his hand on his heart. I understood that i made a faux pas! That was ok said my sales counterpart, not to worry, he is used to it! If I could have avoided it, I would have preferred though!

Then we went into the meetings, all questions were addressed to my lawyer and my sales people, to which i had to provide an answer. It was quite interesting as I was not questioned directly! I thought it was probably because I was a woman. I did not make any assumptions, I just followed the flow and everything went well!

When we do business with cultures we do not know much about, it is always wise to look at what is happening around us, how do people interact, talk to one another, what kind of question do they ask, do they need clarifications, where do I stand as a woman for example. This will reduce the risk of faux pas and mistakes and ensure good relationships with your counterpart.

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